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Our environment


Our nursery consists of the baby room, toddler room and preschool room. The rooms are spacious and filled with natural light and they all have access to a beautiful terrace allowing children to move between inside and outside. The terrace is used as an extension of their playroom and provides safe outdoor play, all day, with the comfort of shelter from the sun and rain.  

Our spaces encourage collaboration and an investigative approach to learning.

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We provide an assortment of toys, real-life objects and materials to encourage children to discover their interests. 

Each room is assigned a room leader and practitioners. They guide the child’s daily routine taking into account their interests and individual needs. Our practitioners also make sure there is a right balance between stimulating activities and a soothing atmosphere where children, particularly the youngest ones, can relax and rest. We are committed to working closely with parents to ensure children are emotionally supported and we provide continuity to children’s home care routine.

Outdoor environment

All rooms have access to a beautiful terrace which is used as an extension of the playroom providing a safe outdoor environment with the comfort of shelter from the sun and rain. The terrace is a perfect place for children to explore different sensory activities such as sand and waterplay. We also grow and eat a variety of vegetables on our terrace which children are encouraged to water and look after.

The nursery has access to a garden with playground equipment which we use on a daily basis. We regularly take children on ‘listening walks’ and ‘nature walks’. We also offer outdoor trips to attractions including the zoo, aquarium, museum, seaside and nature gardens.

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