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Caterpillar room
3-24 months

The youngest children enjoy singing and one-to-one talk which encourages emotional connections and effective encounters. They will make a lot of noise and also have quiet moments such as an enjoyable story in the cosy area. We involve the babies in a variety of stimulating activities such as finger painting, stories with puppets, sensory play,  tummy time, heuristic play, treasure basket, musical instruments, body painting, cooking, movement and dance. The children in this room are usually toilet trained before moving to the next room for two-year-olds.


Ladybird room
24-36 months

The two to three-year-olds are very active and busy. They explore water and sand play, construction area, role play, small world, creative activities, painting, baby gym, playing ring games, sound lotto, role play, listening, and nature walks. At this age, children are introduced to circle time when they discuss a variety of topics whilst sitting on the mat. We mark important events and holidays such as World Book Day, Sports Day and Christmas and discuss their relevance with children. The room leader and practitioners regularly review children's progress to plan child-led daily activities.

Bumble Bee room
36 months +

The pre-school children enjoy imaginative play, ICT and creative activities and construction - small world. To prepare them for primary school we introduce letters and numbers during interactive storytime and circle time games. Once they are familiar with sounding out letters phonetically they are introduced to reading simple words and eventually writing their own name. The activity ‘star of the week’ promotes independence and confidence skills. Practitioners also encourage confidence by involving children in activity planning, allowing time to practise how to dress themselves, carry their own trays etc.

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